Compart's Mini Rex

Compart's Legit
2010 BOV Black and Best Overall Fur
ARBA Convention

Compart's Jazz
2005 BOB
ARBA Convention


Compart's Freda
2004 BOB
ARBA Convention

EZ Daes

EZ Daes KG
2002 BOS Mini Rex
ARBA Convention


The fall of 2010 brought on our first show in the Open and the first time we showed as a family. We had BOV black with Compart's Legit and he also went on to win Best Overall Fur.

The 2008 ARBA show was the first show we showed at in the fall. We had BOS with our Broken Buck, Ruger. We also had BOV Black, Chocolate, Otter, Sable Point, and Tort.We also had BOSV Black, Broken, Otter, and REW.

The 2005 ARBA show was the first show we showed at in the fall and a fun show it was!  We had BOB with our Sr castor doe, Jazz.  We also had BOV and BOSV blue, BOSV black, and BOSV tort.  Jazz went on to win BIS at both White Bear Lake shows, as well as BIS at the Fort Dodge, IA show.  The New Year's Eve show was the next show.  Compart's Iggy won BIS at both shows!

2005 Mini Rex Natioals in Belton, TX was a fun trip for us.  Papa Smurf, our blue herd buck took BOS in Texas.  Dusty was so excited.  Sara was happy having BOV and BOSV tort, Dusty had BOV with Papa Smurf and the both had BOV black with Hottie

At the 2004 ARBA Convention we had a once in a lifetime experience. The kids won five varieties, black, broken, castor, tort and white. They also had three BOSV in black, blue, and white. Their broken Sr. Doe, Compart’s Freda went on to win Best of Breed. This was something the kids will never forget!

Compart’s Mini Rex is located in southern Minnesota. We specialize in blacks, brokens, castors, otters, torts and whites.